Thursday, April 3, 2008

Some Yarn thoughts


Recently I have been thinking over my yarn snob tendencies... I've realized something. One of my all time favorite sweaters that I made a couple of years ago was acrylic. Not only does it hold it's shape well but it has been through the washing machine and hasn't changed size. While I still am batty over the more expensive natural yarns (wool, angora, silk, bamboo, cashmere)... I am starting to see that acrylic may have a new spot in my rotation. As I design I have noticed I have an extra bit of pressure on me to create something fantastic with the expensive stuff. I absolutely cannot mess it up. So I went to Michael's craft store and picked up some cheap wool/nylon, cotton/ acrylic blends and some other acrylic goodness. The yarn is soft and has a great elastic quality that wool has. 

I've also decided to follow from one sweater to the next using the techniques in Sweater Design in Plain English to learn as much as possible. 

Hand Care

I don't know if any of you suffer from dry hands or cuticles but I have found that  the burts bees hand repair kit (with awesome cotton sleeping gloves) really helps make your hands look nice and fresh. I use my hands a lot and they tend to look worn. So with this at my side I look like I get manicures regularly and my hands stay soft and nice.

Tip- Summer Knitting

We all know it's coming. And it's going to get rough keeping your hands dry. My suggestion from poking around the internet and trying different things... use needles that are not metal the wetter your hands the less likely the yarn will slide. I have a set of Denise knitting needles that are plastic and are nice on the hands. Plus I do not run into the problem of the yarn either slipping off the needles or getting stuck. Another trick I've learned is washing your hands frequently then using baby powder after drying to keep your hands dry. It works for a babies bum why not your hands! The only draw back to this is constantly having to get up and wash your hands. I've tried just putting on the powder when my hands get sweaty. It doesn't work. You need fresh clean hands. 


I'll have some pix of finished projects soon. Boyfriend is coming over this weekend so he'll be a big help there. I'll try to be more consistent in my updating.