Friday, April 10, 2009

Bonnie and other knitting

I have been knitting and plarning. I took a wee break for about 2 weeks and got out of the habit of updating my site. (slaps wrist). 

To date my ufo's are beginning to take over my life since I am now working in a yarn store. Whoo my dream job! And yes it is as awesome as it sounds.

I am currently making a cardigan out of Encore worsted, a shop model tank top with Haze (a very cool yarn made from corn and cotton) and 1 knitted plarn bag made from Barns and Noble bags and trash bags that were the wrong kind and just sitting around looking at me.

My projects that are waiting to get on the needles are a necklace made from 101 designs one skein wonders (if you haven't checked this book out.. look at it. It friggin rocks), a beautiful pink yarn that is stripped with several different pink shades (it makes me happy to look at) and Elizabeth Zimmerman's Butterfly shrug made in green. So yeah I have been busy. 

I have finished knitting Bonnie's (my bunny stuffed animal from build a bear that I sleep with. Yeah that's right I sleep with a stuffed animal..) business suite. Here are some pictures of her looking all sassy.
The buttons are little sheep. :) I love how this turned out. Plus because it was so small it wasn't intimidating to experiment with. Bonnie will have a lot more clothing in the future. Right now I can't stop staring at her and telling her how awesome she looks. :D