Thursday, February 19, 2009

WIP the never ending pile

I am making a great dent in my plarn (a new term coined by someone else and it's all over the internet about plastic yarn). My drapes are looking good. :) I have people collecting bags for me as I run low.

I am planning on starting to refurbish another drawer Saturday. I need to take a picture of what the drawer looks like put into the dresser. It's kinda crazy how much more ugly the dresser's original state looks next to the beautiful natural wood.

I have to take a moment to brag about my latest purchase, The Wonder Wash from http/ I got the mini dryer as well and now my bathroom is used for more then just cleaning bodies. This washer and dryer gets my clothing cleaner then when I send it out to the "laundry lady" that charges a dollar a pound and cleaner then the Laundromat I used to take my clothing to. It is unbelievable how dry the clothing comes out from the spin dryer. I love this contraption. 2 loads of laundry in 51 minutes including drying? That is rock star cool. Plus the washer doesn't use electricity and uses very little water. It's right up my green alley! 

My roommate and I have agreed to start "You On A Diet". It should be interesting. :)

Thursday, February 12, 2009


I have some finished objects to brag about!!!

Remember the drawer I was refurbishing?
Tada! Here it is completely sanded, cleaned and finished. As you can see I took off the middle piece and it actually looks more beautiful.

This is a bath mat I made a while ago and finally got around to putting the boarder on. The tile is hideous but the bath mat makes me happy. So I can finally check off bathroom redecoration.

I finished my winding plastic bags into a ball to knit with. Here is a picture of all my bags.
Here's the ball that has been made from all those insanely annoying plastic bags!!! 
I can't wait to make this into my curtains. 

Monday, February 9, 2009

DIY: Make Old New!

I have been trying to figure out what I can use at home to make the things I need. For example I really want to get curtains to cover my closet. The doors came off a long time ago because they kept getting stuck... but now I am stuck with looking into a messy closet all the time. 

My roommate and I keep all of the plastic bags we get. It's turned out to be an insane number and taking up valuable space. I am currently making strips out of the bags using the "peel like an orange method" which basically is cutting off the loops and the bottom and making it into a cylinder then cutting it in the round like you would peel an orange. It's great because it reduces the amount of tying. I can't decide if I want to bead it or just leave it as is....

I am also thinking about making a backpack for school. I do have a ton of fabric from when I thought I was going to be a quilter but I just never had the passion for it that I do for knitting. I was thinking I could still make something but since Marty is going to be moving in soon.. I don't think he'd appreciate anything pink. So yes backpack may be the answer.

I also have a bunch of mugs I don't use and I have been interested in mosaics... The mugs would be perfect to break into little pieces. But the question is... what would I make then?

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sick, advances, and setbacks

I have this horrible cold. I lost my voice (which is like a nightmare because I LOVE to talk) and I've just had a general feeling of being out of it. It has unfortunately gotten in the way of me finishing my first drawer. But it's all ready to be sanded and put the finishing coats on. 

I went to the hardware store and got myself a fancy mask and some goggles. I have been having trouble with the fumes from the nailpolish remover mixed with whatever the heck it is I am scraping off.

I finished my scarf and I am in love with it. I will have pictures soon. I know how much more exciting entries are with pictures.

The marty is about 1/2 way done. It's actually really exciting because at least now I know it won't be cheesy.

I bought some really gorgeous yarn at my LYS but I feel weird designing with it. Since I am going to go though a huge learning curve I almost feel like it's a shame to waste such pretty yarn on what could turn into a horror. So now I am stuck again. Do I buy cheap stuff and practice? Or do I make something I'll actually wear but potentially mess it up? It's weirdly a lot of pressure. 

I'm thinking about taking on the Shred challenge. By Jillian Michaels. Maybe I'll wait and see.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Beauty and the Beast

I am still experimenting with my icorded yarn to see what I want this scarf to look like.

The drawer is ready to be lightly sanded and have finish put on. Now I just need a nice day out so I can keep the windows open for 2 hours while it's drying. I think after working an hour and a half on it today I will try to finish it tomorrow. 

I went to my LYS and went a little bit yarn crazy. I have a crush on my two kinds of yarn I bought and I totally went outside of my comfort zone for colors. I am really proud of myself. 

I like Elizabeth Zimmerman's approach. Let the yarn dictate the pattern not the other way around. So I am armed with books, supplies and a rough sketch. Nothing left but to take a big deep breath and dive in.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

drawer drama

I realize I was a little bit over zealous thinking I could finish the drawer by my next post. To date I have finished getting the gunk off and now need to do a little bit of detail work. I decided to ditch the fancy brass keyhole middle for the drawer. Once I pried it off the dresser became that much more beautiful. 

I keep eyeing it when I pass my work station in wonderment that I did that. 

Progress on the scarf is slow. I had to frog it because my twists were causing the scarf to actually twist up onto itself. I have a new idea but I am still icording away. 

I am going to be visiting my LYS today. I have an idea in my head for a bed jacket with a hood and removable ear warmers. We'll see. I need to start sketching. Don't worry pictures to come soon!!