Monday, May 17, 2010

Color Recycled post from Rav...

This post is inspired by a conversation I had during last weeks Knit Night.

Does anyone wear a certain color on certain days? Do you go through color seasons or cycles? Or are you like Darlene and always go for orange? What color makes you happy?

Just curious. :)

For me I wear green because I miss summer and the way the sun hits the trees when everything is blooming. I also wear it when I want to feel strong because it’s the color of my best friends eyes (marty)

I wear pink because I feel playful and fun.

I wear yellow because I need an extra pick me up.

I wear orange because it reminds me of one of the strongest people I know (sorry Darlene you rock.)

I wear brown because darn it I look good in brown and it warms me up. (I’m always cold)

I wear gray because I think every story has two sides and people need to embrace full dimensions not just the black and white. Plus.. everything goes with it.

And last I wear jewel tones because Janet told me to and Janet knows color. :P