Saturday, June 20, 2009

Working without a pattern

I am knitting with shetland spindrift and I have finally committed to my colors. I am doing blues and brown. There was something about the pink and brown that was not inspiring me.

I have been using the pink double stranded to make a vest for Bonnie. I am basically just playing around trying to figure out what works and what doesn't. This is exactly what I wanted out of this project. Freedom. I love the soft light almost airy quality of shetland. It makes me brave.

So the idea in my head is to make the back of the vest in brown then pick up from the sides and do horizontal stripping and making a v neck. I will then pick up with brown and make my arm holes. Wish me luck!

Fashion Show July 18th!

I am knitting my last project for the fashion show. I am really excited about the fashion show.

As I reflect back on what I have made for it I am proud that I took risks and tried new things that I would not normally try.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Ok I am scrapping my artsy idea cause I am way to anal to do what I challenged myself to do. I want a working garter vest that I can wear. So 5 rows pink 5 rows brown. I made a swatch and I like the look of it.

I have no inspiration to finish the mistake rib stitch vest that I am making for work. Ya know other then it has to be done SOOON for the fashion show. I am trying to work on it for like 15 minutes at a time or watch something super interesting on tv.

My bias tank made with cotton that I was soo excited about has gone wrong. I was going along very well and then realized I did my decreasing wrong. It looks weird sewn up and has already started growing... I did manage to get a few pictures of me in it before the growth. I'm filing it away as a learning experience. I will post pictures at some point. I am tempted to make it again in 1824 cotton (machine washable and beautiful colors)

My house is a mess. I am trying to decrease the clutter and sheer amount of stuff that is everywhere. I so far have 2 large garbage bags filled with stuff. I have things I don't need like a random TV sitting in my closet taking up room. It's just sitting there.. Seems to me like I need a trip to the salvation army...

Monday, June 8, 2009

Garter Stitch

I have been reading a lot of Elizabeth Zimmerman lately and she mentions two things a lot 1. Shetland Sheep wool and 2. garter stitch.

Well my curiosity has overwhelmed me. I have spent about 1 month starring at spindrift shetland wool. rose pink and chocolate brown. I love the contrast between these two colors. The chocolate brown is a natural undyed color...

So after hours and hours of searching through patterns... and trying to be inspired I have settled on a vest worked from side to side. This will create vertical stripes. I want it to be artsy and freeing... I am not going to plan out how big the different strips will be I am just going to go and change the colors when I feel like it.

I am using as a template the Asymmetrical Vest from Sally Melviles the knit stitch.

Right now I am working on my swatch. I plan to wash it and get a true measurement. I will be documenting this experience since it is allowing me to express creativity as well as challenge myself to not be afraid of color. If it comes out beautiful yay if it doesn't it is still about the experience not the end result so I will be proud either way.

Monday, June 1, 2009


Long awaited picture post. I know there are more things on my needles then what I took pictures of but I just wanted to do finished objects.
FO 1: 

For some reason this picture turned out a little ratter then I intended but this is the blue eyelet shruglet that gave me such a huge pain in the arse. But Whoo it's done. Currently being blocked which is why it is on the weird looking towel.

FO 2: 
Please excuse me and my vanity. This is my favorite wearable knit. So here are more pictures of my beautiful cardi. I may be teaching a class on how to make this at Mosaic Yarn Studio so.. if you like it you can make one of your very own. If I am not teaching it you can still get your supplies and pattern from Mosaic in Des Plaines, IL. Mine cost a total of $12+ tax in Encore.
I felt a bit artsy in this picture so... yeah... I kept it in... plus it shows a bit of the tie dye effect that the cardi has.

This is a nice picture of how the cardi lays and some of it's detailing. Best part of all.. It's top down!!

On my needles I am doing "Simple Mistake Rib Vest" from the designer 101 skien wonders book and the fan from japanese inspired knits is still waiting to be worked on a bit.