Monday, October 3, 2011

Definitely Lost It

So now I have cast on and frogged/tinked/ripped/add your way of undoing here, the sock of doom. It is not even a hard pattern straight vanilla two at a time on circs. This is doing nothing for my sock skills self esteem. In fact I am going into the danger zone of crazy town deciding that the yarn is in fact alive and has a vendetta against me. I will not let it win! I WILL NOT!

I cast on 46 stitches.. what the hell was I thinking? 46! I am not that small.. and I know my math skills are not that bad. 8x7.5 does not equal 46! So now I have cast on 60 stitches (which is what 8x7.5 actually equals!) and then I realize oh no what about the -10%! So I decrease... and now I somehow went from 60 to 46! and I swear to you I only decreased like 8 stitches which should have given me 52 which by the way is what I wanted. GRRRRRRR cursed yarn!! cursed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You'd think by now I would give up but no! I have to prove something. I hate the sight of this yarn. It makes my stomach clench... It makes me want to go on weird mohair yarn binges. I HATE THIS YARN! a sane person would just put it away but not me... nope... because IT. CANNOT.WIN.

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