Sunday, April 7, 2013

Screw that noise!

OMG what have I done? I am in bad bland project land. I finished the blanket of doom. It came out beautiful and I am thrilled with it.

but now I am left with a lack of complex project. I have a faroese shawl on the needles but strictly in garter

and a sock that no matter how hard I try does not want to be knit. The yarn is serenity and I find the colorway to be shockingly ugly. Why did I buy this yarn you ask? Well it's simple. The yarn was on sale and it was the best of a bad selection. So I am being very stubborn and continuing to try to make something out of these socks (no matter how mad I get!!!!)

Try 1: Self designed top down zig zag (frogged because the heel was too small and then I decided to start over instead of a controlled tink.)

try 2: Toe up plain ( frogged because it was too big)

Try 3: Top down plain (frogged because it looked ugly and was too small)

Try 4: top down on 4 needles one at a time (frogged because it would have taken forever!!!!)

I will try the self design again. Hopefully I can decipher my own notes.

Ok back to my cyclical work on projects....

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