Sunday, February 17, 2013

New, Old and blue?

I have been busy making shawl pins, blocking projects and knitting too many things at once. My goal is to sell the shawl pins...I hope they turn out.

New and Blue

This is my first shawl pin that I made using a wire jig and glass beads. I am having a lot of fun bending and playing. I took down my set up this afternoon so I do not have pictures of my work station or tools but I am having blast!

Marty picked out the color of the beads for this one. I think it kinda looks like a heart with a circle attached to it.


This morning I woke up and decided to check on what I blocked last night. These two socks cracked me up. I made the green, blue and purple socks in 2011 out of fixation. They are really comfortable. The sock next to it is Marty's. It is hilarious how much of a size difference there is!

Making Old New

Our apartment does not have a good spot to enter so you don't track in mud/salt from winter. We have been using a towel as a  matt and it honestly drives me up the friggin wall! I decided I would finally make a plastic rug out of old bags we have collecting around the place. Here is the project so far.

Last but not least I played with a stitch dictionary (Treasury of Knitting Patterns by Barbara Walker) a long time ago back when I still worked at mosaic. This is long enough and wide enough to be a stole and is cuddly. Made out of Malabraigo Worsted.

Knitting On My Mind

My mom asked me to make her a ruffle scarf. I figured it would be a quick easy project. I was right but it is not me at all. Ruffles and Melissa do not go together. I cannot wait to finish it and send it off. 

I am getting somewhere with my socks. I am trying to decide if I want to undo them because I found a mistake or if I don't care since it goes on my feet. Also do I want the top of the foot lacy like the top? 

I really want to do some color work but for some reason when I am about start I feel like I need to work on my in-law's blanket so I don't. Must finish the blanket!

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