Friday, February 8, 2013


Yep I am taking care of business. I am posting this using my iTouch so we will see how this goes.

First up I finished Marty's socks and blocked about 6 pairs. Here is Marty bravely modeling his new sock! He wanted to wait until the ends were weaved in but I would not let him. :P

Block and take pictures of....
Bigger on the inside
Estonian lace beaded shawl
Rust stole
Pinkerton sweater
Other shawl I cannot remember name of
Stephen west shawl

Finish ruby my in-laws 40th anniversary blanket.

Knitting on my mind
I have also decided to frog my "just go with it" raglan sweater. It was the idea of casting on using very little math and randomly adding design elements as I felt like it. For some reason it made my tummy look fat. Boo to that!!!! I think if I make it smaller and get rid of the side ribbing it will hang better and not cling strangely.

I felt very silly in it so these are not the greatest pictures ever. But it just was not working.... Please ignore the background.

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